Ex is confusing me. Any thoughts?

Cutting the back story short, I was in an emotionally draining and somewhat abusive relationship. My ex used to cheat in ways that were mostly verbal ie suggestive texts and pics, just never really physical. But because of him going back to his ex, he forced me to get an abortion using his friends and family. I always tried to give him whatever I could, I worked after I terminated the pregnancy in order to share costs with him. I ended up severely depressed and got hospitalized. He never once visited me.

Fast forward to one and a half year after the abortion, couple months ago, I broke up with him. I got close to a friend who is always there to listen to me, and I liked how he was so kind to me and literally to everyone around us. Somehow I wished that this was my boyfriend. Thereafter, I broke up with my boyfriend as I couldn't get rid of the worsening depression he was causing me and also I wanted someone who is kinder like my friend.

My friend wasn't looking for a r/s as he was always busy working, and somehow we are close and yet I know so well that I'm in the friendzone. To keep our friendship, I rather keep things simple. I mean, I feel like my friend deserves way better. Now my ex knows that there are other guys trying to get me to be their girlfriend, but I'm tired of a r/s. My ex bought me things he never used to get for me. He became so nice overnight that I wasn't sure that this was the same guy with me before. Well.. it might be the sex, but I don't really feel like someone can change permanently? It could be that he felt threatened and hence was trying to win me back. But it's suffocating me, that and other guy's attention to me. I just want to be alone, and I'm almost sure that I don't want my ex to be a potential s/o. Any thoughts on what he's trying to do?
He's just in for the sex
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He's in for the relationship and trying to change things
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He's bored (because the rest of his fam is abroad..)
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He just wants someone around and to be nice to him
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Others (Let me know why?)
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Ex is confusing me. Any thoughts?
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