How can I make myself not feel so low?

Usually I don’t do these kinds of posts.

The very reason I even joined GAG was over this one guy who I was absolutely in love with. We were at one point very close friends. Then our relationship changed and we became intimate.. I felt we were so close to coming together but then something changed within him. I found out he had a huge cocaine problem and this led him to be like two different people. Eventually he ghosted me that was back in January 2018 was the last time I ever spoke to him. I managed to move forward but still thought of him everyday. Yesterday I saw my friend who was also his friend who mentioned that she saw him and they spoke, and that he was doing really well he was now selling cars working 6 days a week and he was about to go fishing that day. I just feel
Immensely sad :( I miss him dearly but I know he is toxic for me because of the drugs I have children
How can I make myself not feel so low?
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