Why do I still love him and how do I stop?

I've tried so hard to move on from my co worker, everytime I think I'm over him, my feeling for him come rushing back and even stronger.

He makes me so confused, I don't know what he wants and I really need to talk to him directly but I'm scared of rejection again. He got his friend to reject me and he was a coward if I'm totally honest, I feel as if he used to love me back but he was to scared to know how to deal with it. He really hurt me and I cried so much over him. Im pretty sure I even had depression for a while because of how messed up, confused and insecure with myself and are relationship I was.

He's so caring for me yet I don't get why, if he doesn't like me back. We've both tried dating different people but things are just not the same. Right now I'm kinda dating a guy who was direct with me at the get go and has been so kind and sweet to me. He's amazing and I just don't get why I still so stuck on someone who made me feel so crap.

Today we were talking about the people we are both dating and he said he was happy we could still be friends after everything and have both moved on. I just wanted to cry because I know he's the one even though I try and tell myself I deserve someone who loves me back, I just can't stop my feelings for him and it hurts even more knowing he doesn't care and had moved on so easily.

I feel like a horrible bitch for being with another man who treats me so well yet I'm stupid enough to still love someone who treated me like crap once everything went to shit..
Why do I still love him and how do I stop?
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