My ex thinks I cheated while we were dating! Do I confront him?

My on and off EX boyfriend and I stopped talking about 1.5 years ago, because I realized it was a pretty toxic relationship and that we'd be better off apart. I genuinely wish him well but I know he's had a pretty hard time with it, especially for the last 8 months that I've been with my new boyfriend.

Anyways, my ex has recently gotten close to my past girl housemate who was just horrible to me (i. e. accused me of stealing her stuff to get our friends to side with her, stole my food, never cleaned, hid my shoes when I was moving out so she could keep them, etc). She's been telling him that I was sleeping with multiple guys while we were together. Her proof is that she was living with me while the cheating happened, and that she herself slept with one of the alleged guys later on and that guy supposedly told her that he slept with me.

THIS IS NOT TRUE, and I was extremely loyal to my ex even when we were taking breaks. My ex knows that the housemate gave me major stress when I was living with her, and he thought she was unreasonable during all the drama as well. Somehow though, I think she's managed to get him to believe that I was lying, manipulating, and cheating on him while we were together.. My ex likes to get out his feelings and thoughts through writing on his private blog, and though I don't check it anymore, one of our mutual friends linked me to it and he seems really hurt and angry. My ex hasn't directly confronted me about it, but I know he wouldn't especially because I'm in a committed relationship with my current boyfriend.

I'll always have a soft spot for my ex (would never date again, but just want the best for him?). Do I talk to him for the first time in 1.5 years to tell him that I never cheated? What do I say? Or do I just let it go and let him think whatever he wants? Thanks for reading, and please help!! :( Ya girl is stressed lol
My ex thinks I cheated while we were dating! Do I confront him?
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