Does the way he acted mean anything?

I broke up with my ex for good back in December because of m religious beliefs, he didn't share them. Although we dated for 4 years and made it work, it was difficult. We even had a 8 month period I that time we weren't together.
During those 8 months, he deleted his Facebook because he didn't want to see me move on because he was so heartbroken. But we made up after I reached out a few months later.
Anyway, not long after we broke up in December, I noticed he now had a Facebook and an Instagram again. I thought about him a lot, but never reached out to him.
A few days ago, while I was at work, I saw him. As I walked y to make sure it was him, he turned and made eye contact with me for a brief second. Then he went back to doing something on his phone. I've never seen that look in his eye before, he didn't seem flustered or anything. He used to say he couldn't go near me during our break ups because he would get massive anxiety. Now he was at my work, near me and seemed to not care.
What does this mean?
6 mo
I forgot to add, he asked me to marry him a few month before we broke up. He said I was the love of his life and I told him I'd accept once we worked out the religious side
Does the way he acted mean anything?
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