Should I get a restraining order?

So 5 months ago I broke up with my boyfriend

He begged for a week non stop. I would listen and try to reason it out but no use.

One time we were texting in the morning and he said he wanted to talk to me. I told him that I couldn't. Apparently 2 mins later he was outside my car at school. He opened the door and we talked then he went to class. That night I slept with my co worker.

My ex was begging again. This time I texted him about the co worker and what we did to make my ex go away and he did but he said mean things.

A week later I was in class and he walked by my classroom like 5 times. When I left I didn't see him anywhere.

A week after that he sent me more mean texts cause he saw his female friend I made him block out in public.

It's been 5 months now but last week I saw he made a new IG. I blocked the account.

I am not close with his family but follow his sister (she doesn't follow me) so I liked a few posts of hers and got blocked from her and my exes family.

I still feel creeped out tho. Should I get a restraining order?
Should I get a restraining order?
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