Thoughts on this behaviour please?

I have a bit of an issue...

i finished things with my boyfriend of one year because he wasn’t showing me enough commitment and I wasn’t “feeling it” anymore.

Now I wish the best for him. He’s a nice person and didn’t do me any wrong so there’s no malice whatsoever.

but! Since I ended things, he’s been going after some girls who are just the complete opposite and it’s got me feeling a bit 😳

The girls he’s going for are either:

1. Single moms
2. Super young (like 18-20) we're both 28
3. Crazy ass women who fall out of clubs with like no clothes on (lol)
4. Foreign

I am none of the above. Pretty average really.

I suppose I’m just wondering if those were his types all along and I’m the anomaly...

why would he now want to date such different women?

Again, only wish his good things... this is about me knowing how I appear to men

Thoughts on this behaviour please?
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