How could I reconcile with my Ex?

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I broke up with my Ex about two-three months ago due to long-distance. Now I will be moving to his country for studying. He is the love of my life and I am sure he feels the same way for me, he always said he never loved a woman like me before. After the break up he was super angry at me, said he couldn't trust me anymore. I knew I was making a big mistake, but I couldn't bear the distance. I tried to text him after a week, but of course, he was hesitant to answer and ignored me. So I gave him space, didn't reach out for at least two months. I started texting him last week and asked him to talk on the phone. "He said he will think about it, it is not easy for him." I dont know how I should react and answer this, I truly love him, I am hurt too and afraid that we will never get back together. What would be your advice?
How could I reconcile with my Ex?
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