Should ex be in the delivery room?

I’m about to be induced in a week and I don’t know wether my ex should be in the delivery room or not.

We tried reconciliation for a few weeks but it did not work. He says he’s here for me and the baby and he has accompanied me to doctor appointment as we agreed that I would keep him up to date on all baby related things and that he would be there for them.

The good news is that in a few days I’m going to be induced and I haven’t told him yet because I’m still deciding if I want him in the room with me or not.

Although we ended things, I’m still in constant communication with his family. His mom has asked me many times to let him in the delivery room with me because at the end of the day it’s his child and he has the right to see the baby being born.

I completely understand that and even somewhat agree with it. But after everything that has happened, I don’t think he should be in there. It’s not fair that he’ll still have the opportunity to be a part of such an intimate moment even when we have broken up
6 mo
just giving you all an update lol well my baby girl is here my went into labor on my own a day before the induction so that was good lol my ex was not in the room for labor i had my mom and my sister in their with me for that part but left for the pushing part as i did allow my ex in the room for the pushing part under the condition he stayed by my head which he did for the most part lol
Should ex be in the delivery room?
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