Should I visit my ex?

I ended a four year relationship due to me needing to sort things out in my own life. During this period I was emotionally cold and in a totally different head space. We text each day since the break up six months ago.

Lately I've been asking to see her to sort things out. We've seen each other three times and slept together on two occasions. The times we were together, everything was calm and caring and on the third day we arranged a fun day together and all was well. We slept together like old times but since I left she stated she still hurts from before and needs to move on.

She rapidly changed her number so we were unable to speak which has confused me. Would it be wrong to visit unannounced to talk with her. We live in different cities so it would be a two hour trip for me and I'm unsure what reception I would get.

Any advice would be appreciated.
Should I visit my ex?
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