Is this girl insane? Or am I creepy?

I just started talking to this girl online. She admitted she has anxiety attacks and should be on medication for it.

However, as someone who takes medication for depression, I understand how emotions can be volatile and overpowering. I have a lot of patience, and think this girl needs a very emotionally mature guy. Like me.

she's displaying some strange behavior though. Yesterday she told me she was a one man woman, and stopped talking to other guys online, even though we just met, and expected the same. We ended our conversation, affirming each others mutual interest.

She said I seemed like the perfect guy. Then today she did a complete 180. She said I was strange. Too strange for her, and not her type. When I asked what she meant she couldnt tell me.

Then this very strange exchange happened.

What do you make of it? Should I take her seriously or be patient with her? After these insults. My patience is at its limit.
Is this girl insane? Or am I creepy?
she's batt$#/+ crazy!
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She met another guy
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Is this girl insane? Or am I creepy?
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