Girls, What goes through a woman's mind during no-contact?

I was with my girlfriend for 9 months, everything was great up until the last week when she was cold and distant, not answering my messages, which eventually led her to tell me that she wants to be single. I told her that I am not friends with ex girlfriends, that if someone can't see my value the first time, they don't deserve a second chance. So I disappeared via no-contact. It has been 2 weeks and neither she nor I have talked. I am curious what is going through a woman's mind during this period?

It has been about 2 weeks and here are things that I have seen because she posts status updates all day on her social media which I can see through a friend's account. This is the progression of things after the first 2 weeks of no-contact:
-The first couple of days were a couple of messages like referring to relationships in general, obviously cryptic messages in relation to our situation.
-Day 3 she was doing one of those ask and answer posts where guys are asking her out publicly, telling her how beautiful she is and her responding with kiss emojis.
-By the weekend she was posting videos all day out on a boat in her bikini with guys posing shirtless with them. I could see in the video that she still had the ring on that I bought her; but after the weekend she had a manicure that she had to show off and the ring wasn't on her finger.
-Fast forward to week 2, she posted videos of her vaping in a taxi and had the ring on again but she deleted her Whats-app photo and status which is a game she plays to make it look like she blocked me. I know that she didn't because of that trick where you add someone to a group and if it allows you to add them, they are not blocked.

I obviously want to rectify things with her, but I am giving her what she wanted... to not have me in her life. For those women out there, do you think that things are starting to affect her given what I described? What are some behaviors that I should look for?
Girls, What goes through a woman's mind during no-contact?
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