Dumped and confused cos he thinks im cheating on him out of the relo?

i will try to give as much background as possible..
ex boyfriend broke up with me over me unblocking guys he blocked off my fb. he blocked them because he didn't want them contacting me out of the blue. ( i told him that they usually have done that to me in the past... ) at the beginning of our r/s i told him about my past and so did he. our r/s was very lovly except for when hed angry about me unblocking guys. which i know seems shady but in all honesty i unblocked and did look at there page. i had no intetnions on msging them or anything like that. so my ex cut off our r/s. he had always told me i was the one and that nothing could get between us. but i did lose his trust in somthing he didn't want me doing. . .
i feel so rat shit about doing that and I've told him that i would never do anything more or less than that ever. he told me he dosnt want to break up with me and that he wants us back but i hurt him by unblokcing them guys.
after we broke up , i went out and hung out friends ofcorse. .
when my ex found out he got so mad and said that he was going to take me back but i had gone out and was around guys and was at a bar with friends...
i know he's just mad about the whole situation... but this is the longest we have ever not spoken to each other on good terms ( 2 weeks ) ...
i am going to give him some space... i want him forever and im confused by him saying he wants me but is forcing himself to not be with me... how he got super mad at me for going out and then hanging with a old school guy mate... he said that he knows i "cheated" on him BUT WE WERE BROKEN UP AND I Also did not cheat lol.
im trying to work on myself in the time i give him space... but im still so confused... i guess only time can tell... i hope he cools down and sees that breaking up over that isn't worth it... WOW WHAT A GOOD RANT

Dumped and confused cos he thinks im cheating on him out of the relo?
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