Would she let these feelings out again?

Years ago, after my girlfriend and I broke up. We didn't talk for a while but there was some hard feelings because of how she ended things.
But those got resolved, and despite a religious difference breaking us up. She allowed us to date again because of the chemistry and love we had.
Unfortunately it did not last, because she committed to a mission and she changed her mind once in the mission.
When she got back, again was very cruel to me about ending things. But after I came to terms with things again, I ran into her and she looked at me different. Not the mad ex, but with 'i miss you eyes'.
After talking about it on here, some believe she wasn't influenced by her religion to come back, to me, as she claimed, but it was her feelings, regret and wanting to be with me that let us get back together.
Now that she's winding down from the mission. Could she do this again?
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Would she let these feelings out again?
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