Would you ever remain or befriend an ex?

About a month ago I had learned that my first ex (Brian) is dating a friend of mine whom I was real close to in highschool but somewhat grew apart from (Annie) during university. Annie had reached out to me and told me that she's seeing Brian and asked if it'd bother me to where I told her that what happened between him and I is long in the past, and if he's a diffrent person whom she cares to date, I really don't have an opinion. So, just yesterday at a bbq reunion, I had met him face to face after over 5 years.

Back story: Brian was my first real relationship - emotionally and physically. Brian and I ended on a sour note with bottom line, him cheating on me with a girl I despised... having me catch them in on the act by a guy on the hockey team inviting me over to a house party telling me that Brian wanted to talk out a fight that we had (revolving about the girl whom he cheated on me with) only to have him tell me it was over by "showing" me that he was having sex with the girl I despised. Having us being so young at 16 and 17... there was no peace to how things ended. We merely both moved on.

So yesterday Brian chatted me up, to where he segued into apologizing about how much of a dick he was and that he was truly sorry about his behavior back then. I accepted his apology and told him that I've turned out fine. He then mentioned that my boyfriend and I, along with him and Annie should hangout sometime. Personally, I don't want to rebuild any sort of friendship with him, eventhough he seemingly seems as he's matured from his past self; I just didn't have it in me yesterday to blatantly tell him I wasn't interested to hangout. So I told him something along the lines of, my boyfriend and I having hectic schedules but "we'll see if we ever have time."

Anyways, he must have gotten my number from Annie, cause yesterday he msged me and asked if my boyfriend and I wanted to go grab drinks and watch a game. Is it bad that I plan on continously rejecting him and hope he gets the memo?
Would you ever remain or befriend an ex?
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