I cannot seem to get over my breakup no matter what I do?

I’ve gotten rid of all my gifts from her and her pictures. I’ve tried to get new hobbies but I eventually got frustrated with them. I cannot seem to focus on school. I even struggle to even get out of bed and I wonder what my future holds but it doesn’t seem pleasant.

Maybe it’s because I have had a history of depression along with growing up under the impression that no girl would ever fall in love with me let alone someone who is not a monster who uses me as a punching bag.

I fell in love with this wonderful woman who did the same. She was the nicest person I have ever met and her family is the stablest family I have ever witnessed. I was very pleasantly surprised. She made me feel so happy to have someone who loves me and someone to love and protect because she was that much of a sweetheart. Happier than I have ever felt in a long time if not ever. I felt like a new man.

Long story short she left me for another man, now I am sent back probably farther back than square 1. She basically reinforced the notion that I grew up believing. It has been a year since that happened and I haven’t been able to find that peace. Since that relationship made me so happy to be alive, life in general now seems like a nightmare. I need help.
I cannot seem to get over my breakup no matter what I do?
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