Why did my ex do this to me? Did I deserve this?

My ex rubbed her new relation in my face cause I had been begging her back. I said some mean things in a fight and she left.

This was the final convo tell me if I was wrong

She tried to call him but i didn’t pick up cause I was around family.

Her: “oh so you can keep texting but not pick up my calls. Look either way idc. Leave me alone”

Me: “please I am sorry for the heat of the moment what I said. I really love you and am sorry”

Her: “it’s over you blew it. You ruined all that was good for us”

Me: “not true. I was always there for you. I helped your friends out so much. I even blocked that girl you didn’t like. I don’t even talk to her but you told me to and I did”

Her: “you blocked her like 2 days after I made a scene”

Me: “regardless. I keep hearing how you have a new guy so quick. Can’t be true. I love you. Please don’t do this”

Her: “I do have someone. Just go away”

Me: “I just don’t like you rubbing it in my face”

Her: “ok I’ll rub it in your face some more then. He is amazing. I’ve met his whole family and they treat me so nicely. He is everything I always wanted. I usually go out of town with him but this weekend I was busy. Everything you and I went through I learned from and using it here. Now go fuck off”

I ignored it but like 2 weekends later I cussed her out like crazy then apologized
Why did my ex do this to me? Did I deserve this?
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