Would she notice I unblocked her?

I started to see this girl in October of last year, and things seemed to go really well at first. But when we expressed interest in dating and actually went on a date, things fell apart.
She told me on our first real date she wasn't over her ex, and she wanted more time to get over him. But even when I tried to talk to her as friends, she seemed she didn't want to talk to me at all.
But she'd ask me how I got over my ex's and what I did to move on. But she stopped asking about me. But she insisted I wasn't a rebound and she genuinely liked me.
After a while, I messaged her just to see how she was doing, and she snapped on me saying she had nothing to say.
So after a week, and thinking about it, I blocked her on social media and deleted her number.

It's been 3 months, and I felt I was ok to unblock her since I didn't feel the temptation to check up on her.
Would she even notice I unblocked her?
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Would she notice I unblocked her?
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