She treated him badly?

A 23 year old fell for a girl at first sight. was nervous to make a move so kept watching her her in hopes she will come over to him.

She did - he asked if they met before, she said no and he quit talking to her and began ignoring her.

Fast forward 4 months of not seeing her, he sees her again but doesn't notice her

- he still rememberd her but didn't make efforts to talk to her and spent more time at bars or with his friends , friends with benefits or hook ups.

Would lways ignored her around his group of friends
But privately gave her looks , hoping she ll talk to him. She did talk again to talk to him and even asked him if he was free but he declined her offer
After that chat, began ignoring her again publicly.
-kept pretending to not know her around people and hoped to talk 1 on 1 but the girl had enough and stopped talking to him

-he got aggressive with her and gave her harsh stares, bangs the door etc, ignored her even more

When he saw she would no longer approach him, he finally began greeting her but WALKED AWAY Whistling and didn't stop for a chat
-when she didn't come after him, he went berserk and glared at her all the time, giving her dirty looks and stopped greeting her

-she sensed his anger, tried to talk to him and clarify that she felt he didn't want to talk to her as he walked away after saying hello but he acted rudely. Pretended he remembers nothing and blamed her for ignoring him.

But he remembered she asked him out which he mentioned to her. After this talk he refused to listen to her and stopped talking to her

-she still asked a mutual friend to tell him that she wished him good luck and farewell but didn't even bother to respond back. didn't give a shit and left the place and started hooking up and dating other girls.
She treated him badly?
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