I thought he said it was over?

My boyfriend was under heavy stress/pressure from I guess everyone. He tried to please everyone and leaves himself to the end. Him and I got into a squabble on the weekend over spending time with each other and his other work/family responsibilities. He flipped out wanted me to leave him alone. The next day he was still salty.. or hung over.. and basically said we were done. He can't take anymore of our little arguments we've been having and blah blah... he took me home and the night went on silent. The next day we had SOME communication inwhich me mentioned packing a bag of my things that were just washed and that he will pack everything else and bring it in the week... welllll he didn't.. I have him a day to himself and asked him if he wanted to do coffee on Friday he brushed that off and said probably he will bring my things on Saturday...

If he's done why..
-am i still on his instagram
-is he still keeping our instagram account on his friends list (we have a private one of our pictures)
-is he on my page viewing stories I post?
I thought he said it was over?
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