Why ex girlfriend texted my close friend?

My ex and I had a pretty bad breakup. She was the dumper and I was the dumpee. Our relationship is somewhat long distance (hour and a half away), but yet shit never worked out when it comes to meeting. During the breakup, she sent a long paragraph detailing how she doesn’t care nor love me anymore, I don’t benefit her in anything, I’m self centered, she regret dating me, she’s going to start dating people in her area, and many other things about what she wants me to change for the future.

I apologized for being the way I was and told her that I’m going to change that about myself. I sent her a paragraph in return about she needs to change certain things about her to grow as a person. She got even more mad then sent a longer paragraph about everything I was a lie and she only tells the truth. I simply told her that I wished her the best for the future and blocked her on everything.

That was 2 weeks ago...

Yesterday, my close friend randomly asked me in my class if me and my ex was still a thing. I told him that I blocked her on everything. He told me that a couple of days ago, she slid in his DMs and said:

“Hey you may not know me but I think you know my ex.”

He replied to her and said “Who?”

Afterwards she told him my name and left it right there. He told me that he didn’t know who she was or how she found him. I told my close friend to block her and he said that he’s desperate for likes on Instagram. I just said well respect my wishes and just don’t talk to her period. She’s worse than his recent ex. We shook on it then went on about our day.

I bothered me like why she texting my friends all of a sudden? How did she find his socials? Why she’s trying to talk to my friends when she lives far away with more options in her area? Is this her way to make me feel jealous? Trying to reach out back to me? Attention?

I’m honestly so confused that it doesn’t make any sense to me.


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  • She expected to have a longer fighting period with you. You took that away from her by blocking her from everywhere. That shocked her and now she wants to have a line of communication and she found one of your friends.

    Her message is so that you reach out to her and tell her to stop reaching out to your friends. This will give her an opening to talk to you again.

    To summarize: she wants to get back with you. She’s trying to piss you off enough that you unblock her and tell her off in person. Now it’s up to you what you’re next step is.

    • 7 d ago

      That’s exactly what one of my female friends told me. She told me my options is to shut her down completely or ignore her and let her try to grow herself into my well embedded circle.

    • 7 d ago

      And I honestly believe you’re right. She told me that she’s not going to respond to me unless I got more shit to say to her. If not, I’m free to block her.

      So I gladly do that and didn’t expect her to be this messy.

    • 6 d ago

      Yea, good luck!

  • She is trying to cause drama


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