Did I deserve the breakup?

So my best friend and I were in the talking phase 6 months ago. I told her how I loved her and she did to. But we were bother in awkward timings in our life and I also was hesitant if she was over her past.

She had a boyfriend 3 months before we talked and immediately got with a friends with benefits. She told me “past is the past”

So still hesitant. One day I found out she was sexting her friends with benefits a week before we talked and even had a convo with the friends with benefits AFTER saying she was done.

It’s been 6 months and I still bring it up due to insecurities and she gets upset

I bought it up almost every week. It bothered me a lot. So last time she told me she was done and to go bother someone else. I called her a “whore” and faked a panic attack. She then started flirting with another guy and I told her she was bad in bed.

She left for the other guy and shoved the new relation in my face. Saying “let me shove some more in your face”

Which was ironic cause she made me take my calls in front of her/ made me block a female friend and then had dreams of me cheating.


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  • If she broke up with you then you can't even question whether you're at fault. Maybe you doubting yourself in order to think of ways to be better. In this case it seems your ex broke up with you to run from her guilt

  • Not really

    • 6 d ago

      She said I did

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