Ladies good guys can be rare sometimes have you ever had one and messed it up? by letting him go or something else?

Sometimes we make mistakes we regret how have you guys handled messing up a golden opportunity with a good guy.


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  • No. My taste in guys used to be horrible. I'm glad I never dated most of them😂
    Now i met a guy from my church about a year ago that is a really good guy and I had a crush on him and told him BUT he kinda messed things up and now I don't even want to be with him bc he couldn't be straight foward.

  • No I have self esteem issues and I always treat my boyfriend super nice no matter how they treat me , I was mistreated several times but never let a good guy go

    • 9 d ago

      That’s good but if they don’t keep it 50/50 you shouldn’t be with them.

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