Why couldn't I please her either way?

My ex and I dated for almost a year and then broke up for another year before getting back together twice.
The first time, she said I didn't make her feel valued, that she thought I forgotten about her, and expected me to call after she broke up with me. And I didn't, but I reached out 8 months after the breakup, and she expressed all this to me. Then we were together 4 months later.
The second time, I reached out to her several times, I tried calling. I wrote her letters, and even tried to go see her. Nothing worked. She eventually stopped to talk to me, but said I reached out too much and she knew how much I loved her.
BUT we broke up because of her religion both times.
Why was she still upset with me even after I did exactly what she said she wanted me to do.


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  • Well, you were incompatible due to religion, right?

    • 11 h ago

      Yes. That's correct. But I corrected all the mistakes I made the first time.

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