Why does my ex keep contact me?

5/12-texted me to call her that it was not a good idea for me to move to Miami and that Orlando was better for the simple fact of me not being fluent in Spanish and that it’s more like a third world country I reassured her I would be fine by myself and thanks for the information and wished her goodnight and take care

5/16- You were the most consistent thing I’ve ever had in my life.. just want you to know that. While we were together. Even though we fought. Thank you for the time shared ❤️I hope everything is well your way. Take care

Thank you that’s one of the many good qualities I have as a partner and know what I offer. Yes we argued and no relationship is perfect and there will be arguments in any, but I don’t agree on that we did argue constantly because I’m not an argumentative person and have seen it. my friends and family can say I’m not. I’ve said that this is not what I wanted and want to make us work. I love you and care about you and I respect your decision and if you change your mind you know what to do Take care Michelle

Waited 4 hours to reply

Thank you. Take care as well.

This was just recently we broke up in the beginning of May I told her we cannot be friends and to not contact me no more due to her always breaking us up for petty things and not willing to communicate I've made this very clear. Question is what would be the reason for this reach out from a girls perspective would be great
Why does my ex keep contact me?
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