Are my feelings valid?

I broke up with my partner today after we have had a rough few months. The issues were mainly to do with trust and dishonesty and I tried my best to forgive and move on from things despite them brewing insecurity inside me. I wasn’t perfect but I was always honest and authentic and genuinely tried to better myself, but his lies just wouldn’t stop. He would even lie about small things which would baffle me. Yesterday he demanded that he go through my Instagram, and when I asked if I could see his, he said no. I didn’t push and left it. Then today I asked who he has been talking to on his phone and he said it was none of my business- I didn’t like that. He then sent me a screenshot of the top three chats (one of which was mine) and said he didn’t want to show me the rest because he just didn’t want to and that he was talking to people but he knew I’d make a big deal out of it. I said I wouldn’t if they were his friends as that’s fine. He still refused to say who those people were. We have had issues in the past surrounding his ex’s etc and his failure to set boundaries, so this was a tip over the edge for me- I had another mental breakdown and I said I don’t want to be with him anymore because I feel like he hides things from me yet demands to know what I’m doing. I told him he didn’t even bother to try and earn my trust back by being open. He never talks about ANY of his female friends, but then claims that he’s talking to them on his phone, despite me knowing nothing about them. He started saying how much pain he’s in and how I’m not fighting for him... I’m starting to feel bad so I need someone to tell me if I was right to take the step I did.

Thank you
Are my feelings valid?
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