Girls, Why does she act this way when I walk in the gym?

moved to different city to study at university. I have been a natural athlete in bodybuilding since I was 14 , thus when I moved I decided to join my local gym which is mainly full of university students. However, there are a few locals.

compared to most of other gym goes university students) I am more experienced in weight lifting and bodybuilding, therefore I have a lot more knowledge and size and strength which I have gained throughout my years so far.

i noticed there was a girl , who I kinda admired because I could see her passion for the gym so sometimes I couldn’t help but look. Sometimes she caught me and I would just look away. But I never spoke to her.

then this person was pulling really weird faces when working out and it made me laugh and she seen me laughing and I think she thought I was laughing at her and she seemed really shy nervous about that. But anyway few weeks past and she would always watch me squat because I used a lot of weight. But when ever I look she doesn’t look so I can’t say hi. Then if I catch her looking when I’m passing she just looks super shy and can’t make eye contact.

So I left it be. 6 months ago I made drastic changes to my diet and training to cut down for contest. So I have really trimmed down a lot and got stronger etc. A lot of people come upto me out of amazement asking how I can drop weight so fast and get so big.

But I notice she keeps looking, especially if I’m passing. Or if I’m working out she will watch me in the mirrors and then continue working out like nothing. She knows one of my friends and I was in her way once and I said sorry to be polite and my friend ask how she was. And then afterwards she kept staring at me.

I dont understand, she always stares when im working out or if I walk in the gym she keeps looking. But then if I make eye contact she acts nervous and just looks away. People say I make better progress than any one in the gym even guys that are on steroids. Don’t get why she like this
Girls, Why does she act this way when I walk in the gym?
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