How would you feel in this situation?

Six months ago, my boyfriend and I broke up, and it was a difficult break up, since we both still loved each other.
But I couldn't be with him and had no choice but to end it. But in the years we were together, we both finished high school, and went through our 2 years in college together, and there was a lot of struggles for us both. He was struggling with a lot when I decided to break up with him.
It's only been six months, and I recently decided to check up on him, looking at his social media.
He got a promotion within a month of us breaking up, he has a new car, he just became an uncle and he seemed to be recently dating someone.
Everything seems to have turned around for him. And I don't even recently ran into him at my work. But after we broke up, he said he refused to go there since he'd have issues seeing me again. He said he'd have like anxiety or something.
I feel sad, depressed, and discouraged. He never seemed this happy in the 5 years we were together. He's doing so good.
How would you feel?
I wouldn't care
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How would you feel in this situation?
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