I just wanna get back with him but he said to take a break first?

So me and my boyfriend broke up over 5 days ago. We kind of broke up over a very bad miscommunication and yesterday I texted him and ask whether can we get back tgt and try to mend the relationship as I still love him very much. I know he still loves me a lot as he had told me. But when I asked him yesterday, he told me no and he wanted to focus on his studies now. He said that in between those 5 days that he had been waiting for my call but I didn't do that and he said he has move on. But he says that he still loves me a lot. I told him that I would change my bad habits for him but he said that if we are getting back tgt it won't be easy and there will always be a problem. He said that we can still hang out tgt for movies and meals tgt as I'm still his special person but those will only be applied when he's free.
It sounded like he's getting back at me because during our relationship tgt I always had been the most busy one out of both of us and will try to meet up when I'm free. He said that he temporary doesn't want to be in a relationship rn. His tone had became more cold towards me and I'm just so heart broken.
I still love him and willing to change my bad habits If we are get back tgt but now he doesn't want to.
How long should I give him the space and should I still continue texting him and ask him out?
I really do love this guy and I'm scared that he will leave me. :'(
I just wanna get back with him but he said to take a break first?
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