Confused EX. WTF does he want from me?

I met my ex over a year ago while I was working in his city (I travel for work). We shared such an immediate connection that I flew out to spend the very next weekend with him. We had a LDR for a year, but it wasn't like any other LDR. I travel for work, so it was easy to spend days at a time with him every other week, sometimes every week. During the summer, my son and I lived with him and we became an immediate little family.

Sadly, he broke it off with me a few months ago due to "not feeling secure" in our relationship and admitted to having a hard time trusting me due to my "flirty, and also defensive nature". He also admitted to losing himself and not knowing what he wanted to do in life.

I have been nothing but understanding. He is mature with a heart of gold, yet very confused. He wants to find himself, and I cannot argue that.

It's been three months and we've seen each other twice. Sometimes we talk through text/phone once a week, sometimes every other day. When we're together, he still calls me "baby", but mentions he doesn't know what the future holds. Yet we are very happy when we see each other, so much so, that he doesn't want me to ever leave. The conversation, intimacy and chemistry has obviously not changed.

I leave and after weeks have past, I can tell he starts to fights/avoids his feelings even harder.

We don't follow each other on social media, but he will go and watch my stories and reply to them every once in awhile. He cares to see what I'm up to, how I'm doing, etc.. BUT I've noticed that he's gone back to the same flings he had before meeting me. Two girls of which he said he was never serious about because they were "boring" and "insecure". This disappoints me and confuses me! Seems like he's taking steps backwards, not forwards.

Is he confused? Just wanting a genuine friendship with me? Wanting me to wait, but can't ask that of me? I can't figure it out. But I also don't/can't wait for him.

Any advice/perspectives would be great!
Confused EX. WTF does he want from me?
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