Is she looking for me?

My ex and I broke up back in October. Since then, I started to move on. I created a new Facebook, after deleting it during a break we had in the early part of 2018. This one I even made it's own email for.
Since then, she's shown up as a suggestion, and I removed the suggestion. And although it hasn't come back, she's started to pop up if I simply type the first letter of her name.
I only searched her once, when the new girl I was dating asked to see her. But she kept popping up and moved her way to the top of the list.
Someone suggested on here to clear all browsing history, and Google activity and after a few tries, she fell down and then off the list. So I thought I was good.
Within a month, she came back, and moved back up the list. And I deleted my activity again, and eventually she fell off the list. But within two days she came back.
To my knowledge the only reason this occurs is if the two interact a lot. We have no mutual friends, and I don't post my work stuff. So my friends theorize she is looking up my profile.
Do you think that's the case?
She's looking me up
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Is she looking for me?
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