Ex girlfriend texted me help?

So my ex girlfriend who is a single mom (not sure if that’s releavant or not) and I haven’t spoken in 9 months. Today she texted me saying it was a year to the date since we went on this vacation to a friends wedding (also the time she took my virginity). And asked how I was. I responded good and stuff and she later talked about my sister going to college but ended saying she’s glad I’m doig well. I said likewise.
Ok my question is why the fuck did she text me out of the blue like this?
She dumped me FYI
5 mo
So just an update after texting me we haven’t texted eachother but she sent me a friend request or whatever on Snapchat (she blocked me after the breakup)
So I don't know if that makes a difference or what she wants?
Ex girlfriend texted me help?
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