Boyfriend upset cause I’m scared to send him nudes?

My boyfriend and I have been together for the last 3 years. Throughout those 3 years I lost my boyfriends trust for several reasons, but through it all, he still tried to trust me, even though it was hard. While he did so much for me and our relationship and dropped a lot of things for argument sake- he was also very impulsive and quick to anger. There’s been a number of times where he’s done things to purposely try to hurt me like record himself throwing something away that I’ve given/made him, to him making me think that he posted my nudes on social media for everyone to see (but he customized it to where only I could see his post). & there have been a couple of times where after an argument he would tell me that he was going to sell my nudes (that I’ve only ever sent him) to show my family (who are conservative) and my friends. Well just recently he asked me to send him more nudes to which I started getting anxiety but was afraid to tell him as I was scared he would blow up. Sure enough he did when he realized I didn’t trust him enough to keep it. I tried to reason with him but he was just deeply hurt that I no longer trusted him and he felt like he did nothing for me to feel that way when all he did was say it and he played it off by saying he was “joking”. Now he wants to break up because he said I don’t trust him and a relationship won’t work if there’s no trust, but I already told him I would try to work on it for him and for us. I don't know what to do. Was I wrong for being scared? Now I just feel horrible and have apologize profusely but I just feel like I’ve made things worse.
Also as a result of him not being able to trust me before he told me I wasn’t allowed to go out to any clubs, bars or hookah places without him (even if I just went w my girl friends). But he started trying and I was able to go. Now because he found it I don’t trust him, he told me he doesn’t trust me and that I’m not allowed to go out anymore. Is that fair? Or is he just being petty?
Boyfriend upset cause I’m scared to send him nudes?
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