How should I handle this?

Ok so this guy I have been seeing for over a month suddenly took a “week-long” trip with his guy friends and took forever to message back etc. Suddenly, he messaged me ON Saturday (after his supposedly week trip) to break up and said he wants to clear his head for a while in his hometown. Sure. I called him up and surprisingly he answered and I told him “I still have my stuff in your place.” and he said “what stuff?” and I tlls him “t-shirt and my hard lens case. i will go and pick them up Monday.” then he said about the whole “my friend is staying over at my place and he’s leaving on Monday morning so come by the afternoon.” So i said ok. at first i didn't want to know the reasons but i asked. and he said the same thing about him needing to find himself, blah blah blah. Ok. Fine. Then he sends me a message 30 minutes after our call and sent me a message saying “i’ll come up to see you on Monday afternoon. come pick your stuff up then.” first off, he wasn't courteous enough to at least call me to break up and suddenly he wants to see me at his place when i pick my things up? what’s up with that

How do i handle this whole thing? do i call him beforehand to say im going to his place?
How should I handle this?
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