Girlfriend dumped me for refusing to give her my phone password. Who was wrong?

I felt my right to my privacy was being violated when she kept asking for my phone password. I don't know what she wanted it for but she claimed that it's a sign of trust to share passwords with a love partner. I told her it's more of a sign of trust if she wouldn't feel the need to invade my privacy. Then the arguments started and I lost my patience and told her to not talk about it anymore because it made me tired and I got better things to do than trying to win a battle, that cannot be won.

I protect my devices for common sense reasons such as theft, spying and especially unauthorized access. I don't exactly have things, that I deem must stay hidden from a love partner but privacy in general is a must have.

Next thing I know is that she texted me, that it's over between us because there is no trust and that the relationship is not going anywhere.

Who was in the wrong here?
I feel like I dodged a bullet here.
Are women like this today? Does compromise means giving up your all at the risk of your very own self? Is this what modern relationships are?
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21 d
I have realized she's crazy. I don't keep in touch with her but when I told my story to some of my peers they have sided with me and said, that she's not going to find a good boyfriend like that and that she doesn't deserve one.
Now i can go out and have fun with some nice ladies :)
Girlfriend dumped me for refusing to give her my phone password. Who was wrong?
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