A guy I briefly dated more than a year ago won't let me go, despite him initiating the breakup?

I met a guy in August 2017 with whom I had a very good connection. We hit it off right away and it was like I've known him forever.
We chatted all the time, went on more than 12 dates in a short amount of time.. etc.

I told him I like him very much and he said he liked me too and also talked about introducing me to his family. But then after a couple of months he became very distant and started ignoring me which hurt me a lot. We'd make plans and he bailed on me the last minute, always with a new excuse on why he couldn't come.

Fast forward to April '18 we completely stopped talking. I was absolutely heartbroken and in retrospect this experience changed me forever. He simply abandoned our friendship like I never existed. It crushed my soul. We briefly spoke online a couple of months later because I wanted closure, he told me he doesn't have time for a serious relationship, but that he likes me and wants to remain friends. I politely declined his offer and went full no contact. I improved myself a lot, although I was really hurting. He contacted me every single month since then and always acts like we're still old friends which I find odd, because I'm basically over the heartbreak now.

It's now May '19 and he is still consistently stalking me on social media (I removed him right after we broke up). I thought he was curious but just a couple of days ago I met him and I wasn't really happy about it so I ignored him. As I went home from the gym later I found a funny pic drawn on my car window (car was dusty), it was drawn by him. The problem is, we used to prank each other like this when we were 'dating'. I was confused and it actually hurt me a lot because I got painful flashbacks.

I don't understand why he'd do things like this if he was so certain in his decision to end things between us. Why is he still interested in my life and what I post online, when I accepted that we're over, deleted every reminder of him and started moving on. It's been almost two years.
A guy I briefly dated more than a year ago won't let me go, despite him initiating the breakup?
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