Is cheating really that bad?

So I've been wondering... is cheating on your partner, whether your married or dating, really all that bad?

I was always under the impression that cheating was one of the worst things one person could do to another. And I still hold that opinion. However, my last relationship ended a few months ago because she cheated on me. Things are a bit more complicated because we both share the same friend group. All of our friends don't seem to really think it was all that bad of a thing for her to do to me... I'm very confused. When it all went down, I expected all of my/our friends to basically say "screw her!" and totally de-friend her for doing something so bad to me. I expected them to all take my side because I was the one to get screwed over. But that didn't happen. They all seem to be good friends with her still and dont really seem to mind. Some have even told me that they can totally see why she did it.

Anyway, this just got me thinking. Am I wrong? Is cheating really not that bad?
Is cheating really that bad?
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