Guys perspective on "I love you, but not in love with you"?

I met my ex over a year ago while I was working in his city (I travel for work). We shared such an immediate connection that I flew out to spend the very next weekend with him. We had a LDR for a year, but it wasn't like any other LDR. I travel for work, so it was easy to spend days at a time with him every other week, sometimes every week. During the summer, my son and I lived with him and we became an immediate little family.

Sadly, he broke it off with me a few months ago due to "not feeling secure" in our relationship and admitted to having a hard time trusting me due to my "flirty, and also defensive nature". He also admitted to losing himself and not knowing what he wanted to do in life. I have been nothing but understanding. He is mature with a heart of gold, yet very confused. He wants to find himself, and I cannot argue that.

It's been three months and we've seen each other twice. When we saw each both times, he still called me "baby", held my hand, opened my door, was VERY affectionate, held and kissed me out in public, and we laughed and had deep conversations relentlessly. Also, the "love making" was still very strong and our sex life was ALWAYS passionate and VERY active (multiple times everyday). Both times seeing him, it was like nothing had changed. Yet, he admitted to loving me but not being "in love with me anymore" and that it would be unfair for him to ask me to "wait".. which, I never would anyways.

After coming back from the last trip, I was still very confused by everything and started to feel as if the friendship wasn't genuine, since I still love him and want it to work. So, two weeks ago we agreed to stop talking for awhile. It has been hard but i'm going to continue to move on.

One thing is for sure, I STILL cannot get his words "im not in love with you anymore" out of my head. His actions and the way he looks at me were saying complete opposite.

Men, going by his actions, is there other meaning?
Guys perspective on "I love you, but not in love with you"?
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