Ex just being polite?

so we broke up four moths ago. Been in no contact for two months afternoon I asked to try again and told her I still care about her and she didn't know and ignored my last message I sent to her and deliberately didn't open it. I didn't try or attempt to get in touch with her afterwards.
on the weekend I drove past her, first time I had seen her since we broke up. She knew it was me, I waved to her but she look forward and didn't look. Blanked me. Then I was in the shop and she came in, I wanted to say hi but when I tried to spot her she had already been in and out. I knew she had seen me though. I felt abit down because I knew she had avoided me again.
so a few hours later I switch my phone on to a text from her, saying she saw me in the shop but I wasn't facing her so she couldn't say hi... I replied to her and it wouldn't of been good to say hello and that it was good to hear from her. She told me she just didn't want me thinking she was being rude and avoiding me. I told her it's ok. We have been chatting since, I've tried to be upbeat and cheery but she doesn't seem to replicate. She's not asking me questions or anything, I'm just telling her how I'm getting on and she replying but she is talking more than she has too if she wanted too.
Im carrying on messaging her but doing the same as her and keeping it low key and just friendly.
is she just being polite and friendly and felt guilty for not saying hello and avoiding?
Ex just being polite?
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