Does he deserve to be given a THIRD CHANCE?

So long story short.. Me and my ex have been twice together and the last time we broke up almost a year ago.
I get the first time since we didn't know each other that well, but the second time we were really good friends after the break up so we knew each other pretty well.
It was a beautiful relationship until the last month of it when he was under a lot of stress (finishing his Master's), he lost a huge amount of weight looking even sick, he couldn't get in charge of his own life... And needles to say that's when we broke up. He really hurt me because I felt like a wasn't enough.
I cut off the contact.. I even told him that I didn't what to talk to him ever again. Until last week when I finally agreed to meet and he told me he wanted to try again.. I was shocked.. All he said was that he was sorry (of course).. That I was the perfect girlfriend to him and he felt awful after he left me.. He's now trying to get back on track with his life and he wants to try again.
It was his first serious relationship with me and he said he panicked when he felt it was time to move forward (living together).
I see that he's trying to change in a positive way, but should I give him a chance?
Does he deserve to be given a THIRD CHANCE?
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