I need some kind of reassurance please?

I met a guy OLD, we really hit it off, he was excited, really happy we’d met. We went on three dates, he told me if he could commit to me right now, he would. We slept together and he went quiet, not responding and making excuses when I know he keeps his phone with him at all times.
I told him he made me feel really vulnerable, that I hadn’t slept with another man since my children were born. I gave him a chance to finish it. He said nothing had changed and that he was just busy.
He was still quiet, basically ‘breadcrumbing’ me giving me just enough to hold on. When I met up with him, he was keen and told me he loved me and wanted to be exclusive.
Fast forward two weeks and he tells me, he’s off to find someone with a half decent body!!
I am devastated, I hate my body! I lost so much weight after the children that my boobs and bum are really saggy, and I’m not particularly tight downstairs.
I’m 36 and obsessively looking how to afford surgery!
I hate myself for not trusting my intuition, how can I have a relationship ever again?
I need some kind of reassurance please?
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