Guys, Ex who was in love with me but broke up with me has now unfollowed me on instagram?

So some context:
- It's important to point out I want to get back together with this guy. Granted his behaviour around the break up has been weird but that aside the relationship was really good and we were very close.

So my Ex-boyfriend was the one to instigate our relationship and ask me to be his girlfriend, throughout the 7 months we were really close. We met each other's families and friends etc. and he really wanted me to be involved with his family life - everyone who saw us together said how good it seemed as a relationship.

We had a couple of very low-level arguments like any couple, but one week I lost my temper because he cancelled something and we didn't speak for a few days. I then felt sorry for overreacting, and tried to apologize. But we met up and he seemed really angry and said that we were too different as people and that he wanted to end it. Since then I've tried to fix it but he's made it clear he doesn't want to. So eventually I said 'Ok' and that I accepted his decision felt as though I deserved to be with someone who would fight for me like I'd fought for him and that I would never think badly of him. He agreed and said that I was an angel and that he wished me happiness etc. and our last words were friendly.

Since then I noticed he started watching my Instagram stories again and liked a couple of posts. I'm not really out partying so they're just things with my friends etc. - I assumed this meant things were kind of ok between me and him (although not back in a relationship place) with us. However he recently unfollowed me. I'm not really sure why. Guys do you have any illuminating insights? (sorry to ask such a silly question - I'd really appreciate any thoughts from someone who's ever done something similar to a girl)

Thank you so much xx
Guys, Ex who was in love with me but broke up with me has now unfollowed me on instagram?
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