Should I move on?

Hey, guys! If my ex-boyfriend (became ex yesterday) made me cry a lot and didn't show compassion at all ( this happened on the phone) and told me to leave him alone because he is tired of me, because i always ask for too much from him ( i only asked for more love, for him to be more affectionate because we've been both busy lately , although i gave him my attention and my support as much as i could and he didn't reciprocate it that much) . I called him a lot, i wanted to hear his voice and he called it harassment , telling me he could call the police.
Have i made a mistake? It's just that i miss him a lot and i love him. Things were alright until two days ago when he got a little angry about a stupid thing and he made me cry again and feeling neglected and i told him that he is a jerk for not caring about how i feel and then he said that i don't appreciate him and we should part our ways for good. We had many problems in the past but we always managed to pass through them together... I feel that he loved me more back then...
Is it me who's the problem? I need an objective perspective so i am asking for your opinion.
Should I move on?
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