When someone ignores you how do you react?

*After showing an apparent interest in you.

A few days ago my ex texted me out of the blue, asking me how I was doing. I texted her back hours later, giving her a short answer, then she asked me how I was coming on with my research work (college). I answered her, then I asked a simple question "What have you been doing with your life?" She never did answer back and I doubt she didn't read the message. That was the day before yesterday. Until this morning I wrote to her again, I asked if she was doing ok, and if she didn't want to answer my question, it was no big deal.

I usually give a lapse of time, before thinking "that person doesn't want to talk/chat with me". Sometimes I try to act like I don't care not even a bit, by not replying at all, but I think is important to make a closure and let it be.

*One year and some months have passed since we break up.
When someone ignores you how do you react?
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