How should I go?

So i lived w my boyfriend now he is my ex because im fed up w his lies and cheating he also gave me 2 stds and im so fed up being w him gave him too many chances and all. Now im searching for my own apartment but meanwhile im talking w a guy that i like i want to go to his place ( he lives w his parents) but im scared that my ex will know and kick me out of his apartment that im still in. He has kicked me out before after arguments but now I've been normal w him. He is mad at me i really dont even know why. I think he is mad because he got stds by some other girls so be his coming at me mad why because of that but I've suffered too much and i need to be free. I just need advice what should i tell him so i won't get caught. I wanna stay at the other guys parents house for one night but i need a good explanation
5 mo
by the way i dont have any other place to go
How should I go?
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