Is closure necessary? Was I just too nice to her?

I was very new to dating, and decided to give it a shot my final days of college. I met this girl, and eventually we got intimate and I started taking her out on dates and was spending a lot of time with her. She was very clingy and needy towards me, threw fits when she didn't get her way and bad mouthed her exes saying they were mean to her and treated her really bad. She never admitted to her mistakes, but I tried my hardest to be attentive and listen.

due to school and spring break, we hadn’t talked in a couple weeks. I tried to ask her what was up and why we suddenly just stopped. She says it’s cause I never text her and that she wanted me to hit her up first. I tell her I feel like she’s not into me anymore and I’m being pushed away She says it’s because she’s going through some stuff and that someone she knew passed away and she’s been upset. I try to attend to what she told me about her getting mad at me for “not caring what happens in her life” (we had an argument about that) and try to be there for her. She agrees to hang out in the library or her house.

I ask her throughout the week every other day to hangout at the library, she always had an excuse. By the end of the week I asked to hang out and she said we will next week. She had an attitude so I leave her alone for a week 0 contact. Even after a week I hit her up asking if she still wanted to and she still acted annoyed over the phone trying to not talk to me. I finally get the message she’s still grieving her loss I guess and tell her I would leave her alone.

after about 6 days we bump into each other on campus. I ask how she’s feeling and she tells me to text her after my class. I was just thinking she must be feeling better I guess and she wanted to get together on campus. Long story short she didn’t. She was just throwing lame excuses at me. I was new to dating and angry about this so I try to get in touch with her to have a chat. She just ignores me when I say “can we talk about something”.
4 mo
After both times trying to reach out she ignored me and gave me an excuse saying she wasn’t at my phone. I get mad and tell myself it’s over just move on and we didn’t talk for another month.
4 mo
We got into an argument at the bar she said all along that she expected me to get the hint and I should have respected and give her space. I tell her I just thought you wanted nothing to do with me and she said “you know I hate when you assume things” she then got on me about going up to other girls at the bar that night and then broke up with me. She was initially mad at me because she said her friend saidI called her a name behind her back after I assumed we were done. Which wasn’t the case.
Is closure necessary? Was I just too nice to her?
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