Am I the an asshole?

I was with this girl for about a week.

She was really good looking so I got a little carried away but never did anything that I didn’t first ask her if she wanted. We never did anything that would constitute sex, dry humping and kissing was the farthest we kind of went.

After a week she said she was not ready for a relationship (she just immigrated into the country and didn’t really have a plan for her life yet). She was leaving for a trip back to her home country for awhile but before she let me know that she missed me (over a phone call).

When we did end I told her I wasn’t going to wait for her because she didn’t give me a definite answer or estimate when she thinks she’d be ready. When she got back from her trip she hasn’t really talked to me anymore but I already moved onto someone else. I just didn’t want to leave her feeling bad so I’d respond if she talked but I was not going to go back to her at the time.

Today I ended our communication channels because I was worried that my sexual attraction would get the best of me and I would cheat if she talked to me anymore or something. I just want to get peoples opinions if I was in the wrong for not wanting to talk to her anymore. Thanks for any help or advice.
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Am I the an asshole?
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