End of relationship because I met up with ex male colleague? Advice please?

weeks ago an ex work colleague got in touch who I’ve not seen in two years to say he’s in the area would I meet up for a catch up. I told my boyfriend of 3.5 years of the plan.

The night before my boyfriend rang to ask what my plans were. I said I’m going for a walk at a nature reserve. He said with whom. I said with the guy I told you I was going with. He’s seen his photo on Facebook in the past and I’ve spoke of him. My friend is a female to male transgender so has been through a lot of change and emotional journey in life himself.
My boyfriend knows this friend is transgender as well. My boyfriend then seemed to change his tone of voice and said oh well if I want to meet a female friend in future I will. I asked him if he felt uncomfortable me going and I wouldn’t go if he didn’t want me to. He said no it’s fine. Deep down I knew he wasn’t happy. I felt I should have cancelled but then thought that I wasn’t doing anything wrong. I’d been totally open and even said to my boyfriend he could come along. Fast forward later that day he was angry with me, I got told he wants to be alone and now he’s split with me.

Any help or advice!!

Thanks. I’m numb as I didn’t see this coming. I thought he may be upset for a day or two but not end it. May I add I am a loving reassuring kind girlfriend to him. I’m 100 percent loyal but feel I wish I could turn clock back and not have gone. I’ve text him to say sorry if he’s felt pushed aside or rejected and that I hadn’t meant that, that I love him and I’m happy to discuss boundaries so we both know what makes each of us feel safe and secure and happy. I’ve had no response. I felt that cos my friend is transgender that he’d feel more reassured. Have I done wrong going for the meet up? Or has my partner just wanted control and feels he’s lost it so punished me
End of relationship because I met up with ex male colleague? Advice please?
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