Unblocked after 2 years... why?

So I reconnected with a guy I had known since elementary school a year and a half ago. We began dating and things got intense. Long story short, it ended after 5 months. He got back with an ex and blocked me on Facebook. Fast forward 2 years. We had many mutual friends prior to dating and 3 weeks ago, I could see my ex liking and commenting on mutual friends posts. I thought it was a fluke. I clicked on his name and sure enough he had unblocked me.
Before you all jump on me and tell me I'm an idiot for still caring, blah, blah, blah... he truly was the love of my life and I'm still not sure why we ended.
I know all about blocking and he had to DELIBERATELY click on my name and picture to unblock me.
I know it could be because he's indifferent toward me, but WHY would he need to unblock me for that reason?
Any thoughts are appreciated.
Unblocked after 2 years... why?
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