Suicidal girlfriend. What should I do?

Can someone give me an advice what should I do. My girlfriend and I currently in long distance relationship. We have been arguing all the time and she did something to do that I'm still trying to forgive her and trust her again. I told her yesterday after we've stopped talking for 2 weeks that I want us to take time apart and I think it's better for us. And that I will talk to her after I go back in our town and we can try it again Her respond was she could no longer bear anymore pain and she is kind of indicating she wants to end her life. I know she is battling with depression and she comes from a broken family. She was sexually abused by his stepfather she was young and no one really cared for her when it happened. Her mum is still with her stepdad and that's what made her think that even the person that she thought would care for her doesn't exist. love her but I feel like I need time to heal. She thinks I'm just running away and couldn't deal with our relationship issue. What should I do? She did agreed to have a time apart but it will be completely over and that I would not see her again.
She doesn't really have a close friend that I can ask to help and lool after her and she is not close with any of her family.
Suicidal girlfriend. What should I do?
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